Available to factions: Legion & Sentinels.

Location: Black Pyramid

Quest giver: Priest of the Faceless

Icon daily quest available
Initial dialog:

Faceless is whispering to me: you have served his designs well. My master wishes to thank you by letting you enter the Black Pyramid. Pass the tests in the halls of Silence, Humility and Oblivion - and you will find yourself in the palace of the Faceless, where the earthly incarnation of my master dwells.

If you want to fight him, go right ahead, but Faceless is whispering something else to me: you should bring out the mirror, tucked away under the slab of the altar in the palace. That is the assigned test, for which you shall be rewarded.

Icon daily quest complete
Completion dialog:

It took you much longer than I expected. Was it really that hard - getting this mirror? I hope you didn't look in it? Sometimes, in this mirror, you can see your own death, but more often - only yourself and your face, distorted with fear.

Faceless is whispering to me: your diligence deserves praise. Tomorrow, my lord will once again allow you to try to pass the test.

Quest requirements:

  • The Hall of Silence: 6 Crystals of Still
  • The Hall of Humility: 10 Collars of Meekness or 7 Scourges of Meekness
  • The Hall of Oblivion: 10 Ashes of Oblivion or 10 Poisons of Oblivion
  • Palace of the Faceless: 1 Mirror of the Faceless


You can summon friendly mobs, Spirits of the Lower World, to fight for you. The spirits can be summoned using Tables of Oblation.


Icon experience


Icon gold


Icon guild points

Guild Points:

Reputation: Tlalocs: 20