Available to factions: Legion & Sentinels.

Location: Tree of Life

Quest giver: Ami-Tail

Icon daily quest available
Initial dialog:

The Filth is not only strong with its spawns that we are constantly fighting against. It is capable of penetrating the minds of my brothers by tempting them with thousands of tricks or simply by intimidating. Such elves yield to temptation, leave Maliat and become the servants of the Filth - you saw how many of them is wandering around in the forest.

Those who completely gave up themselves to the power of the Filth, leave to go to the far side of the Desecrated Grove, taking with them the relics of my people. These elves are defectors and nasty elves. Return the scrolls with the Hymns of the Moon that they have stolen!

Icon daily quest complete
Completion dialog:

Those nasty elves stole these scrolls, thereby renouncing their past. But you managed to return the relics. Ten scrolls is not really than many. In the old days, an incredible amount of those hymns were written - they described in every small detail the growth and the withering of the Moon high up in the sky. I will not rest until every single scroll is returned to Maliat!

Quest requirements:

Collect 10 Hymns of the Moon


Icon experience


Icon gold


Icon guild points

Guild Points:

Reputation: Maliat Elves: 20