Available to factions: Legion & Sentinels.

Location: Left Wing Gorge

Quest giver: Hermit Mauerlan

Icon daily quest available
Initial dialog:

While living away from my brothers, I've grown used to relying only on myself. I learned to understand the forest. I feel safe in the shadow of Ayvondil; the forest is my only friend, it nourishes and protects me.

I am returning the forest its favor by wandering around and planting trees there. I love oaks more than anything - mighty and good-natured trees.

But acorns that I put in the ground are often dug out and devoured by huge carnivorous flowers that come from the Desecrated Grove. Finding new acorns is not easy - it's much easier to return the ones that were swallowed, at least ten of them...

Icon daily quest complete
Completion dialog:

The Filth is very strongly opposed to the revival of Ayvondil, but its followers are too dumb. Someday, the acorns that I planted will grow and, over centuries, will turn into mighty oaks - even tough you and I probably won't be able to witness that. Keep brining me new acorns, and I promise that I will be eternally grateful.

Quest requirements:

Collect 10 Swallowed acorns


Icon experience


Icon gold


Icon guild points

Guild Points:

Reputation: Maliat Elves: 20