Events are special group quests that are triggered in various ways. Global events generally start on a timer, while guild events are typically triggered by completing dungeons. Usual objectives include killing monsters and bosses in the allotted time - several parties are required for success, much moreso in case of global events, in which both factions have to do their part. All participants are rewarded if the event is successful, though limitations apply (must be in the location for at least 30 seconds and be of sufficient level). Events were first introduced into the game with the 2016 Spring King event, and have since been a standard feature of holiday updates.

Chaos Invasion

This event is currently unavailable.

Berengar's Pylons/Rune Stones

Kill morlocks.

Ritual Hunt

Kill supreme huntsmen.

Last Trial

Kill Nab-Shiggurat.

Wickedora's Return

Valdemar's Nightfall

Trial by Fire


This event was only available for a limited time in the end of February 2017. The player has to be level 5 or higher to receive rewards.

Rewards include King Momo's costume and six unique smileys and hairstyles in addition to a selection of empowering relics, minions, consumables and ingots.

Feathers for costumes

Rainbow harpies were spotted near the town. Their bright feathers are needed to decorate festive costumes: you'll have to kill all the harpies!

Kill rainbow harpies.

Flower pollen

The scouts found carnivorous sarracenia flowers in the wild lands. Sundew pollen emerging from sarracenia buds is needed for a festive treat. Turn sundew into powder, but be sure not to damage sarracenia flowers!

Kill the sundews spawned by the sarracenias. When done properly, killing all the sarracenias fails the event.

No wheels - no celebration

Kill the goblin mechanics and pick up the wheels. Once all wheels are collected, Corso can be repaired.

Hands off Gratiana!

Protect Gratiana from the incoming Argents. Shooters may have less health and damage but they are equally dangerous. Have Gratiana survive the full three minutes and the event is successfully completed.

Lights above the ground

Click all the craters that have the gear symbol above them. Before attempting to do so, however, it is suggested to lure the ember elementals away, as they hit pretty hard.

King Momo's look-alike

Hitting the 300k health boss makes him spawn goblins to help him. Slay these green shorties to spawn Lucio's spirit that gives the players around her a massive damage buff that helps to counter the 100k heals of Momo's look-alike. The look-alike has mass stun, mass energy depletion and mass bleed for skills, making life difficult.