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“Mysteries of Ayvondil” Update 4.0 was released on [2014.06.25]. You may find the official announcement here


Huge Ayvondil island opened its mysteries step by step. Including New line of general quests and daily tasks, elite monsters, minibosses and new instance “Rotten Garden” with valuable bounty.

MALIAT – old capital of the Firstborn, devastated by Orin's Legion and partially rebuilt by Dark Elves. Majestic Tree of Life – heart of forest – rises in the center of the city. Abandoned houses conceal no less mysteries than forest thicket, which lies outside the city walls. From recent times Taint – an echo of the terrible curse - began to spread from Rotten Garden. Update 4.0

  • DG: Rotten Garden
  • Raid-boss: Spawn

TLASKO - Lizardmen, also known as tlaloks, had their own country long before the first War for the Spear. However, after the Great Rift they were scattered throughout the Arinar. Here, on the banks of Ayvondil, lizardmen found new capital – Tlasco. Raised the pyramids in honor of their gods, tlaloks for a long time enjoyed peace. So it was until the earth erupted from its depths out hordes of termites - warlike tribe of pale-skinned creatures. Update 4.2

  • DG: Termitary
  • Raid-boss: Faceless

MARA'KOSH/ANZU-IRI - Everybody who has completed the main storyline in Tlasko is going to the north-west of Ayvondil, to the lands inhabited by Cat people and Werewolfes. Depending on the Alliance, you will fight along with one of the local peoples and find out what became the reason of their conflict. You will also have to confront terrible evil that has possessed these lands. Update 5.1

  • DG: Tree of Seasons
  • Raid-boss: Balck Elm

PILION/TOM-LUGU - It's time to set off to the northeast of Ayvondil. The dangerous road is behind, and what is ahead is a chain of islands - not washed by the waters of the ocean, but soaring in the sky among the clouds! The Flying Islands is the most wonderful place in Ayvondil, even though it bears little resemblance to the Eternal Forest. Update 6.0

  • DG: Technopolis
  • Raid-boss: Engineer
Created by: Aкasha[1]
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