Available to factions: Legion & Sentinels.

Location: Tlaskoe

Quest giver: Chalchuni

Icon daily quest available
Initial dialog:

Totoli is a beautiful bird. They are near-sighted, and evil spirits are shamelessly abusing it. They wait for the bird to leave the nest unattended, and then they get inside and eat the inner part of the largest egg, turning the empty shell into their house.

It is easy to identify the egg that is occupied by a spirit - if you put your ear close to it, you will be able to hear low guttural singing. Bring me eighteen such eggs.

Icon daily quest complete
Completion dialog:

The malicious spirits go to many places and see such things that even we, prophetesses, are not familiar with. While still in the egg, the spirit is in my power - and it is willing to reveal its secrets. When I ask the spirits all the questions, you help will be once again needed!

Quest requirements:

Collect 18 Singing eggs


Icon experience


Icon gold


Icon guild points

Guild Points:

Reputation: Tlalocs: 20